2012 Annual AUREO Conference

AUREO 2012!
“Strategic Innovations To Meet The Challenge”

September 9-12, 2012


The AUREO Executive Committee and Penn State, as your 2012 Host, extend an invitation to you to attend and be an active part of our 2012 Annual AUREO Conference.  Our annual conferences are great opportunities to network and interact with your peers, to learn from experienced speakers and extensive presentations on various topics addressing the current trends and issues facing our universities and colleges, as well as to preview firsthand the real estate, facilities and operations of our host members.

This year’s theme, “Strategic Innovations To Meet The Challenge”, will focus on proven tactics to face real estate issues and provide universities with ideas, network resources and tools to meet the many challenges we all confront daily.  Some of the sessions identified as priorities by the membership for this year’s conference will cover these areas:

- Developing University and Foundation property as Mixed Use, Research Parks, & Retail;
- State of the Economy and its Impact on Higher Education;
- Engaging Consultants;
- Programming Space and Space Allocation;
- Financing Models; Commercial Leasing in Today’s Market;
- Legal Issues;
- Public Private Partnerships (still an ongoing option for development); and
- Lessons Learned from Fellow AUREO Members.

All of us at Penn State look forward to hosting this year’s conference, including our providing you the opportunity to preview our “University Park” Main Campus and experience the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center facilities located in our Innovation Park, all in what we like to call “Happy Valley”.  We’ve added a few special activities to our conference schedule as well to provide you a special taste of Pennsylvania!

This is a great opportunity to spend time with your peers, glean new ideas from the various speakers / sessions and preview a host member of AUREO.  Save the date, and plan to attend this year’s conference at Penn State, in University Park, Pennsylvania, beginning Saturday evening, September 8 through Wednesday, September 12.

We look forward to seeing you!

Craig Rickards
Senior Vice President
Association of University Real Estate Officials