Getting to Notre Dame


The schedule for the 2018 conference will mirror the one used last year in Seattle:

  • The opening sessions will begin mid-afternoon on Sunday, and

  • The conference will conclude before 11:00 am on Wednesday to facilitate travel home.


South Bend Airport (SBN):  The Good News is that South Bend has an “international” airport accessed by United (through Chicago O’Hare & Newark), Delta (through Atlanta, Detroit, & Minneapolis), and as of June 7thAmerican (through Dallas & Charlotte NC). Allegiant Airlines flies directly to SBN from three Florida cities as well as Mesa AZ & Las Vegas NV.  The Bad News is that South Bend is not a major generator of air traffic, so schedules are sparse and may not dovetail with the conference schedule.  Check whether you can get into – and out of – SBN at the times you need.  If you do fly into SBN, the Morris Inn is a 15-minute cab or Uber/Lyft ride from the airport. Note that the Planning Committee is looking into the possibility of providing shuttle service for high-traffic times on Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned.

Chicago O’Hare (ORD) & Midway (MDW) Airports The alternative is to fly into one of the major Chicago airports and take ground transportation to campus.  Midway is closer to South Bend, smaller, and easier to negotiate, but O’Hare is the country’s second busiest hub and offers access from more cities on more frequent schedules.  Note that Chicago is on Central Time and Notre Dame is on Eastern Time, 1 hour later.


Ground transportation alternatives from the Chicago airports include:

  • Renting a car Figure 2-3 hours of driving time to campus depending on which airport and day/time of travel:  Midway is ±2 hours in reasonable traffic; O’Hare is 2:15-2:30 in reasonable traffic.  The weekend drive to campus and the Wednesday mid-day return to the airport are likely to be “reasonable,” but we can’t guarantee that.  This is driving time only and does not account for the time needed to rent or return the car.​ Note that Chicago is on Central Time and Notre Dame is on Eastern Time, 1 hour later.


  • Once on campus, you will not need a car for the duration of the conference. Since valet parking at the hotel is $20/day, we suggest taking advantage of the Morris Inn's complimentary self-parking, located about a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Pull up to the front entrance of the Morris Inn and ask the valet for directions and the pin code to the self-parking (Bookstore West) lot. You can spend the money you save at the Notre Dame Bookstore, which is right on the way to the hotel!


  • Airport bus: This is another Good News/Bad News situation. The Good News: The Airport SuperSaver bus runs from both O’Hare and Midway airports, drops off on campus 2 blocks from the Morris Inn, and costs about $75 round-trip.  The Bad News is that 1) the schedule is infrequent (every 2 hours) and 2) the ride approaches 3.5 hours exclusive of the time change.  You can check schedules and reserve a seat at  

  • Uber/Lyft to campus:  The fare from O’Hare to Notre Dame is estimated to be about $150 for the 4-seater sedan class and about $128 from Midway, but pricing can vary and you will need to research this for yourself. Links are:



Ride-Sharing:  We have customized an existing website to help AUREO attendees connect with others who are interested in carpooling to campus from O'Hare or Midway.   Choose the link below that identifies your airport and arrival date:

Once you are on the website, pick the time closest to your flight's scheduled arrival time (e.g., if your scheduled arrival is 12:40 pm, choose 1:00 pm) and click “Details.” After that, click the first available “Join Car” tab and fill in your information.  You will get an automatic email alert when someone else joins your car, and you can trade information with them directly on time of arrival, travel preferences, etc.  Note that this is intended only to connect attendees interested in this option; Notre Dame staff will not be able to coordinate ride-sharing activity.