Georgia Institute of Technology

The office is responsible for the acquisition, sale, leasing, development, encumbrance, and strategic planning of Tech's real property assets, and the management, construction, and financing of non-academic real estate. The office is also responsible for the real estate assets of selected related organizations.

Our mission is to support Georgia Tech's mission of teaching, research and outreach by:

- Insuring it has the real estate interests necessary to achieve its goals;

- Making full and conscious use of the real estate under its control;

- Promoting real estate activities that strengthen Georgia Tech's competitiveness in recruiting students, faculty and staff, Tech's development efforts with alumni and the general reputation of the University by:
- Keeping campus and its adjoining neighborhoods a great place to learn, live, work and visit;
- Exemplifying high standards of planning, design and sustainability;
- Supporting the commercialization of university technology; and,
- Supporting the economic development of Atlanta and the State of Georgia through creating jobs, new tax revenues and technology clusters.

Office of Real Estate Development
Georgia Institute of Technology
Suite 213 Lyman Hall
Atlanta, GA 30332-0257
United States
Phone: 404.385.3085
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