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General Inquiries

Please direct general inquiries about AUREO to Nicole Neuschwander, AUREO Secretary, phone 541.737.6925.

Membership Inquiries

Please direct inquiries about how to join or renew membership to AUREO to Jeff Banka, AUREO Treasurer, phone 208.426.2861.

Website Inquiries

If you have questions about the AUREO website, how to access it, need help updating your institution's page information, or want to post a job opportunity, please contact Blake Jensen, phone 573.882.3584, for assistance.

Listserv Inquiries

If you want to be added to the AUREO Listserv or have questions regarding access to the members only listserv please contact Blake Jensen, phone 573.882.3584, for assistance.

Conference Inquiries

Conference Inquiries

Your conference host team is here to assist you. Contact us if you have any difficulty confirming your conference arrangements, or have questions about the conference or your visit to Providence, Rhode Island. 

Local Conference Host (2021 in Providence, Rhode Island)
Tracy Mansour
AUREO Senior Vice President
Brown University
Tel:  401-863-3500


Conference Program (2021 in Providence, Rhode Island)
Erin Kintzer
AUREO Vice President for Programs
Lehigh University
Tel: 610-758-3244


Registration Assistance 2021

Coming Soon